Month: May 2016

Eyeclub Hidden Alarm Clock Spy Camera

The Eyeclub Hidden Camera Alarm Clock HD Video DVR with Motion Detection is the perfect portable security solution when you’re looking for a home security camera, nanny cam or any other short-term surveillance. It will recording video automatically when motion is detected. It can shoot videos up to 1080P, and save the files in Micro SD card. Simply connect the camera to your PC to view files in the Micro SD card.

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U-shop Wireless Hidden Spy Camera

The U-shop Wireless Hidden Spy Camera looks like an everyday use electrical plug adapter. The camera also comes with USB charging capabilities, which makes it easier for people to assume it is just another phone charging accessory around the house. This “hidden in plain sight” component of the U-shop Wireless Hidden Spy Camera is what makes it useful for home use, especially since people will very rarely look twice at a functioning USB charger.

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