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U-shop Wireless Hidden Spy Camera

The U-shop Wireless Hidden Spy Camera looks like an everyday use electrical plug adapter. The camera also comes with USB charging capabilities, which makes it easier for people to assume it is just another phone charging accessory around the house. This “hidden in plain sight” component of the U-shop Wireless Hidden Spy Camera is what makes it useful for home use, especially since people will very rarely look twice at a functioning USB charger.

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Toughsty 1920x1080P Wireless Clock Spy Camera

The Toughsty™ 1920x1080P HD Portable Wifi Hidden Clock Spy Camera is the perfect wireless security system. At first glance it looks like an ordinary digital clock, but it is far from it, concealed behind a darkened plastic face lies the real secret; a powerful HD camera. It records in multiple resolutions from 480p up to 1920 and it can record even while the battery is being charged.

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The PHYLINK Wireless HD Spy Camera is an exceptional choice for those who are looking to undertake visual and audio remote surveillance in a discreet and effective way. Some of its most outstanding capabilities are its motion detection ability, remote smartphone notification and email alert system and its software’s ease of use.

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Eyeclub Wireless Clock Spy Camera

The Eyeclub WiFi Hidden Camera Nanny Spy Camera makes it possible for you to capture anything that happens in your home when you cannot be there. Depending on the configuration you choose, the camera can be completely hidden without any wires hanging out. The high tech wireless connectivity means you place it virtually anywhere.

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