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U-shop Wireless Hidden Spy Camera

The U-shop Wireless Hidden Spy Camera looks like an everyday use electrical plug adapter. The camera also comes with USB charging capabilities, which makes it easier for people to assume it is just another phone charging accessory around the house. This “hidden in plain sight” component of the U-shop Wireless Hidden Spy Camera is what makes it useful for home use, especially since people will very rarely look twice at a functioning USB charger.

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The PHYLINK Wireless HD Spy Camera is an exceptional choice for those who are looking to undertake visual and audio remote surveillance in a discreet and effective way. Some of its most outstanding capabilities are its motion detection ability, remote smartphone notification and email alert system and its software’s ease of use.

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PYRUS Wireless Mini Spy Camera

The PYRUS Wireless Mini Spy Camera is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to have an easy to hide spy camera at an affordable price. It’s compact size makes it ideal for security personnel and others who want a wearable hidden cam; it’s lightweight, small dimensions, and rectangular size make it easy to hide in creative ways and in the most unexpected places.

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