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Simple but effective

Ease of Use

The quick start guide will have you up recording in no time

Value for Money

Competitive pricing makes this spy camera a great buy



One year warranty and replacement service plus email technical support

We Like

  • Small and ultra-discreet
  • Easy to set up
  • Great image qualityCan connect to external alarm systems
  • Remote smartphone notifications
  • Remote viewing capability

We Don’t Like

  • Lacks night vision capability
  • Has no internal microphone

PHYLINK HD Wireless Spy Camera ReviewPhylink Wireless HD Spy Camera

Unbelievably Small

The camera sensor unit is so small that it can be pinched between two fingers; it is actually just a little larger than a thumbnail. The camera also comes with a base or main unit which is a bit larger, fortunately the cable that connects the camera sensor unit to the base unit is 26 feet (8 meters) in length. This means you can comfortably place your camera sensor unit wherever you want without it being easily detected since the base unit which is larger will be positioned some safe distance away.

720 Pixel High Definition Camera

Despite its miniature size the PHYLINK spy camera records in 720P HD and produces a great picture. The image has no blurry lines or distorted views. The camera makes use of H.264 compression technology so as to develop the smallest possible file size while still retaining excellent clarity. In addition, it is equipped with an audio line in for a security sound signal monitor pick-up device (can be purchased separately) which records clear sound signals with minimal interruptions.

Ability to connect with Wi-Fi or Power over Ethernet

Phylink Wireless HD Spy Camera

This camera comes with the ability to view and record through a secure Wi-Fi connection; or alternatively through a simple Ethernet cable utilizing POE (Power over Ethernet). Depending on your scenario you may choose to use Wi-Fi or PoE. PoE may come in handy where there is a weak Wi-Fi signal at the location where you wish to place your camera, since PoE does not rely on wireless transmission of data.

Data Storage

So how efficient is the data storage mechanism on this device? There is a slot for a micro SD card located on the base unit just next to where the camera sensor unit plugs in. Though you have to purchase the micro SD card separately, the camera supports up to 128 GB storage capacity. This storage space means you are able to recording continuously for days or weeks and remote playback footage from anywhere. If you do not wish to store your data internally in a micro SD card you could effortlessly configure a network attached storage device to store all your footage.

Motion Detection AbilityPhylink Wireless HD Spy Camera

The PHYLINK spy camera has the ability to remotely alert you and start recording in case any slight amount of motion is sensed. This means that you are able to save your storage space for only significant events. The camera can also be connected to external alarm devices like PIR sensor and gas detector systems. With this device you are able to setup push notifications on your smart phone and email alerts which will notify you immediately motion is detected or in case an alert is sounded from an external alarm system.

Ease of use and Multi-Platform Functionality

The camera itself is very easy to install, you do not require specialized knowledge to set it up. The software used on this device functions well on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. The software comes free with the device and can easily be installed and used. The software gives you the ability to setup new cameras, configure settings, and monitor existing cameras. Any smartphones, tablets and other devices which use either iOS or Android can use the full functionality of the camera’s software.

On Screen Text Display

Users of this camera are provided with the optional ability of adding a system name, time stamp, date, or any other specific text that they would like to display at the corner of each video clip recorded. This capability comes in handy especially in the case where you have multiple cameras and would like to find out which camera is shooting at which location.

What’s in the Box?Phylink Wireless HD Spy Camera

  • PLC-128PW / PLC-128W / PLC-128P Main Unit
  • Camera Unit ( includes an 8 meter RJ11 cable)
  • Mounting Accessories
  • External Antenna (PLC-128P does not have this item)
  • Manual and Software on CD-ROM
  • CAT5 Ethernet Cable
  • 4 pin I/O connector terminal block
  • Power Adapter
  • Quick Install Guide

Warranty and Technical SupportPhylink Wireless HD Spy Camera

Phylink Solutions LLC offers you a one year warranty and replacement service, provided you complete the warranty registration procedure and adhere to the warranty policy conditions. Additionally, in case you purchase the device from an authorized retailer anywhere around the globe, you are entitled to priority email-based technical support correspondence at any time.


CMC who has a verified purchase from amazon gives the camera a 5 out of 5 star rating. He states that the device is “pretty amazing” especially due to the fact that the camera sensory unit is separate from the other electronic components; which means that you can easily hide away the camera.


Dr. Oceanfront reviews this device giving the device 4 out of 5 stars. He states that the Phylink covert IP camera is a use-specific camera that functions well in good lighting conditions.

Dr. Oceanfront


The PHYLINK Wireless HD Spy Camera is an exceptional choice for those who are looking to undertake visual and audio remote surveillance in a discreet and effective way. Some of its most outstanding capabilities are its motion detection ability, remote smartphone notification and email alert system and its software’s ease of use. The camera does not require specialized knowledge to set up; someone with minimal technical knowledge can easily set it up and operate it. Based on the customer reviews on amazon and other online sales platforms, the PHYLINK Wireless HD Spy Camera is a top quality camera which offers great value for money.

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