PYRUS Wireless Mini Spy Camera

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Easy to hide just about anywhere thanks to it compact size.

Ease of Use

Start filming right out of the box. Scheduled recording and other features require reading the manual.

Value for Money

Relatively inexpensive when compared with other mini spy cams. Overall great value.


Online customer support. Exchanges with PYRUS UK possible within first 30 days after purchase.

We Like

  • Compact Size

  • Expandable Memory

  • Battery or Mains Operated

  • 2-Way Audio

  • Android and IOS Apps

We Don’t Like

  • Max Resolution 480p
  • Learning Curve on Advanced Features
  • Hard to Tell When It’s On.

PYRUS Wireless Mini Spy CameraPRYUS Wireless Mini Spy Camera-1

The PYRUS Wireless Mini Spy Camera is a good option for anyone who is suspects that something foul may be afoot in their home, office, or shop at times. Once it’s battery is charged, this unit is capable of recording 100 minutes during daylight hours, and 60 minutes at night. As a result, by no means is this HD security camera a substitute for a fixed, round-the-clock security camera. But that’s not the point! If you feel that you have a need to strategically place a spy camera in a way that it is concealed, than this compact unit provides the stealth security solution that you’ve been looking for. The sound and video that this spy camera records can be viewed remotely on your computer and/or mobile device.

Spy Camera Features


This camera is smaller than a computer mouse, which makes it easy to take and set up just about anywhere in a fashion that it’s not easily spotted by anyone who may be intruding in your space.


This camera comes in a rectangular casing with the lens mounted at the top. All of the controls and ports are located along the sides.PRYUS Wireless Mini Spy Camera-2


A slot for an SD card allows you to expand the memory capacity to 32 GB. As such, if you are able to set up this compact security camera in such a way that it also plugs into the wall via its adapter, than you are able to record for hours on end, saving the crucial pieces of evidence

Scheduled Recordings

This is by far my favorite feature!  A function allows you to determine when the recording period starts. This means that if you are leaving the office at 9pm and you have reason to suspect that the funny stuff doesn’t start happening until 11:30, then you can program the PYRUS Wireless Mini Spy Camera to start at that time.

Remote features

A pan and tilt that you can operate remotely lets you focus the lens remotely via your computer or smartphone.


Two way audio capture within a range of five meters (either way, and provided there is little background noise) means that any conversations will be captured clearly.

Easy, Intuitive Setup

Most people are able to have this spy camera up and running and recording within fifteen minutes after taking it out of the box. Easy to read instructions are included which explain how to take advantage of the pan/tilt, the scheduled recording function, and other useful features.PRYUS Wireless Mini Spy Camera-5


The battery is rechargeable, and as we’ve already mentioned it only lasts for 100 minutes under optimal daylight conditions.


This PYRUS Wireless Mini Spy Camera is compatible with windows, iOS and Android.

What’s In The Box

PRYUS Wireless Mini Spy Camera-4

Spy Camera

Product Manual


USB Power Cord

Mains Adapter

What about buyer protection and Warranty?

The Spy Camera comes with a 30 day return guarantee (UK Based) if you’re not happy with it and it also includes a one year warranty.


The camera works awesome. Like its style. It has a very clear picture, video with two voice audio. What I really like about it is small and I can hide it in the book shelf in the living room, my son and daughter fight all the time and when I ask who started it I really never know but now I will. HAHAHA.

Mike Phipps


At the end of the day, the PYRUS Wireless Mini Spy Camera is a wise purchase for the homeowner or business person who wants and extra “pair of eyes” that they can move around and set up where they want to in those areas that they don’t feel are being sufficiently covered by their principal surveillance system. Again, this small device should not be considered as a substitute for a proper camera security system, but rather a great addition for more covert recordings. You get good value for your money with this spy camera, and by no means will it “break the bank”.

As for the complaint that 480p is not HD, this is still a very high resolution for an easy to hide spy camera. Sure, it’s not as good as a go pro, but unless you’re trying to make a feature film or an extreme sports video, 480p wlll do just fine. After all, this is often the default setting at which most people watch their YouTube videos. The audio is also extremely clear given its small size.

All in all, the PYRUS Wireless Mini Spy Camera is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to have an easy to hide spy camera at an affordable price. It’s compact size makes it ideal for security personnel and others who want a wearable hidden cam; it’s lightweight, small dimensions, and rectangular size make it easy to hide in creative ways and in the most unexpected places.

Limited Stock - Be Quick

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