Top 3 Wireless Clock Spy Cameras (2016)

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Top 3 Wireless Clock Spy Cameras

These days you cannot go anywhere without seeing some sort of camera looking at you. Whether you are walking down the street in large or even small city or simply going into a corner store, these cameras are hardly covert and are usually there to help prevent specific types of crime. However, not all of these types of cameras are as covert and can be concealed in places you may never expect. These wireless spy type cameras can easily be concealed and capture activities that you otherwise would never see

Wireless Spy Cameras

The covert cameras are used for more sensitive surveillance and are often designed in way that makes them perfectly suited for these types of activities. While wired cameras may require expensive installation and elaborate cabling in order to connect them to a complicated monitoring or recording system, wireless spy cameras don’t. There are no cables to get in the way and you can usually view the streamed or captured video on most any mobile devices.

Common uses for these types of cameras:

  • Secretly watch the activities of a healthcare provider or nanny
  • Checking for suspicious behavior of a spouse or significant other
  • Keep an eye on a pet that has free run of the home
  • Keep an on kids home while you are gone

While typical home security systems use fixed mounted cameras there really is no need for stealth or concealment. For those times where stealth is important homeowners need something that can easily capture anything that goes on in any room without them having to be anywhere near. Whether there is suspicion of misbehavior by a pet or even mistreatment of a child or elderly family member by a caregiver, spy cameras are the perfect weapon.

Stealth Surveillance

The key to any successful surveillance is to ensure that your target has absolutely no idea that their every movement is being watched, so the ability to be nearly completely concealed is paramount. With is in mind, manufacturers of today’s spying equipment have figured out that the best way to conceal a hidden camera is to put them where no one would expect to find them. One of the best ways that they discovered is to put them inside something that would not appear out of place in the room designated for surveillance. One of these items that have become very popular with the surveillance camera companies is the clock.

Wireless Clock Spy Cameras

Since most every room has some sort of clock in it so that the occupants have a way of readily checking the time. The digital style clock is perfect for this use because of its design, with the large digital numbers shining through a darkened cover in order to enhance the light. Since concealment of the tiny video camera is very important, it can easily be hidden behind the darkened front cover and no one would even know it is there.

The wireless clock spy camera system was developed with several basic things that make it uniquely suited for this type of covert surveillance. Below is a short list of the general benefits of selecting them for your specific needs.

Key Benefits

  • Wireless connectivity, no need for expensive installation
  • Easy set up process of WiFi
  • Looks natural in most room decor
  • Mobile app allows for remote control/monitoring
  • Recording to MicroSD card
  • Wireless streaming of video/audio feed

In this article we will focus on the three top brands and models of the Wireless Clock Spy Cameras that are available on the market today. As part of our research for this article we took a look at many different brands and models of wireless clock spy cameras and came up with our short list of the ones that we would call our top three.

#1 Eyeclub Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Spy Alarm ClockEyeclub Wi-Fi Hidden Spy Camera Alarm Clock

The EyeClub Hidden Camera Alarm Clock is extremely easy to use and it comes with everything you need. Once you set it up you don’t have to do anything else but monitor what it is recording. It comes with an app that turns any mobile device into a remote control and it connects via a powerful, built in WiFi system. With just a tap of the app you can raise and lower the quality of the recording (it is recommended to set it at 1080p, for optimum picture quality).

The recording function is automatically triggered via the ultra sensitive motion sensor inside the device. Anything that moves within the room will immediately bring the camera to life and begin its recording.

Check out my full review of the EyeClub Hidden Camera Alarm Clock for more information.

#2 Toughsty 1920x1080P HD Wifi Hidden Camera ClockToughsty 1920x1080P Wifi HIdden Clock Spy Camera-7

Everything about it is very easy, the setup on your wireless network is simple and once you have the app on your phone and camera connected to the WiFi there is nothing else you have to do. The camera is activated using advanced motion detection technology and the video/audio stream can be accesses through a free app. The app can be loaded on any mobile device running either the Apple iOS or the Google Android OS.

The clock has a large LED display that’s easy to read and can be seen from almost anywhere in the room. The camera lens features a 140 degree viewing angle, which means it can cover a wide field of view and combined with motion detection makes this little spy camera a great buy and loads of fun.  The only downside was the batter life, and while it can be powered from mains or batter, if you do need to rely on the battery, you’re only going to get about 3 hours from it.

Check out my full review of the Toughsty 1920x1080P HD Wifi Hidden Camera Clock for more information.

#3 Toughsty™ 1280x720P HD Wifi Hidden Camera Clock

  • Records both video and audio, motion activated
  • Hi speed WiFi connectivity
  • Mini camera, low light (0 lux), 120° viewing angle
  • 1280x720P Full HD Video Resolution, 25/30fps frame rate
  • Capable of recording to MicroSD card (up to 32GB, not included)
  • Operated remotely using mobile app for almost any device running iOS or Android OS
  • Dual power mode, battery (up to 4 hours) or AC


#2 Toughsty 1920x1080P HD Wifi Spy Camera Clock

A Great Spy Camera
  • Real-time Audio & Video Recording, motion detection activation
  • Hi Speed WiFi connectivity
  • Tiny camera, IR Night Vision, 140° degree viewing angle
  • Selectable Video Resolution: 1920*1080P, 1080*720P, 640*480P
  • Support 32GB Micro SD Card in Max;(not included) for video storage
  • Support Smartphone Tablet APP Remote View and Control for both iOS and Android
  • Battery Operating Life Time: 3 hrs

#3 Toughsty™ 1280x720P HD Wifi Hidden Camera Clock

Poor Customer Feedback
  • Records both video and audio, motion activated
  • Hi speed WiFi connectivity
  • Mini camera, low light (0 lux), 120° viewing angle
  • 1280x720P Full HD Video Resolution, 25/30fps frame rate
  • Capable of recording to MicroSD card (up to 32GB, not included)
  • Operated remotely using mobile app for almost any device running iOS or Android OS
  • Dual power mode, battery (up to 4 hours) or AC


After the last month or so researching many different brands and models of Wireless Clock Spy Cameras, I narrowed down my final list to the three brands and models of these devices that I would feel comfortable recommending. Each of these spy cameras have a great array of features that I believe are really useful and in some cases, just plain cool!

After that, I carefully analyzed each of their specific features and came up with an overall ranking based on its capabilities. I felt that the Eyeclub WiFi Hidden Camera Alarm Clock was overall winner, based on its great set of features and a large following of happy customers who are also using it.  The Toughsty 1920x1080p Wireless Clock Spy Camera  came in a very close second and lastly the other offering from Toughsty, the Toughsty 1280x720p Wireless Clock Spy Camera, which unfortunately since writing this review has received some negative feedback, so I don’t feel comfortable recommending it, but would still like to include it, because this is still important to know.

So if you are in the market for a great wireless clock spy camera, click on one of the the Buy Now links above and get started on your covert operations!   Enjoy 🙂