Toughsty 1280x720P Wireless Clock Spy Camera

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It combines the simplicity of a digital clock with the advanced recording of a webcam

Ease of Use

Dead easy to setup and control – all from your smart phone

Value for Money

More costly than some, but still represents a good value


Customer support is one of hallmarks of Toughsty – they stand by their products

We Like

  • Compact enough to fit anywhere
  • Streams wirelessly over the Internet
  • Records continuously with AC power
  • Battery delivers up to 4 hours recording
  • Low light recording

We Don’t Like

  • Limited to 720p HD recording
  • 6 hour recharging time
  • Limited viewing angle

 Toughsty 1280x720P Wireless Clock Spy Camera
At a GlanceToughsty 1280x720P Wireless Clock Spy Camera

Peace of mind is sometimes hard to come by for families that find themselves having to leave their home unattended or even having a child being watched by a non-family member. This is where a hidden camera would most definitely come in handy. The  Toughsty™ 1280x720P HD Wifi Hidden Camera Clock is the perfect way to conceal a video camera without it being detected. It is capable of beginning to record instantly without touching any part of the camera by sensing even the slightest amount of movement in the room or remotely using your smartphone or other mobile device. It streams the video and audio feed and can be accessed instantly via your mobile device or desktop computer from the Internet.

In Detail

Ease of use

Nothing truly could be easier than operating this device with just a couple of taps of the free app, which can be loaded on most any mobile device that is running either Google Android or Apple’s iOS operating systems. Using the app turns your mobile device into a powerful remote control and allows you to view the streaming video online. You simply power it on using the on/off switch in the back and set it on a table in the room so that all the digits are visible.Toughsty 1280x720P Wireless Clock Spy Camera

A bit about the clock functionality

 While it looks like a plain old digital clock that would fit in almost any size room, but it is so much more. The clock features large size, blue LED’s that are big enough to be seen easily across the room. The camera and the multiple IR lights are mostly hidden behind the darkened plastic cover, but if you look close enough you will be able to see them.

Camera and Recording Features 

The concealed camera is the most important function of the device and it is capable of decent quality recording. It captures video at an impressive 25-30 fps and offers a 120-degree viewing angle. The camera is fixed at HD 1280x720p resolution which is capable of delivering decent quality video.  This means that it will be able capture a great deal of your room depending on where it is situated in the room. I can either record directly to a microSD (not included) or stream to the Internet via wireless connectivity.

If you are, however looking for a higher resolution spy camera, then it might be worth checking out our review of the toughsty-1920x1080p wireless clock spy-camera – (it supports full HD 1080p).

Power and Charging

It features dual power systems; battery or AC power adapter. The rechargeable lithium-ion 2200 mAh battery can hold up to 4 hours worth of power, but it does take as much as 6 hours to totally recharge the batteries. However, using the included AC adapter you can record continuously 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What’s in the Box?Toughsty 1280x720P Wireless Clock Spy Camera

  • Toughsty1280x720P Wireless Clock Spy Camera
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Instruction Manual

What about buyer protection and Warranty?Toughsty 1280x720P Wireless Clock Spy Camera

Toughsty is extremely proud of all of its products and they all are covered for parts and labor against failure for one year from the date of original purchase.


A great spy camera for a great price. The video image actually exceed my expectations. It is crystal clear, even in the dark. It might not be the best video camera out there, but for the money, it’s excellent. The app worked great with my iPhone 6 and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to operate.

A great spy camera!

I ordered this for my son to use as a baby monitor for his 2 month old son.I downloaded the app to my phone and have been using it daily as a baby monitor. The sound and picture quality are pretty good for its size. Excellent quality, well made, impressive sound and video and has a nice compact size which could easily be hidden. I think it’s a great camera and I would recommend it.

Great Baby Monitor


The Toughsty 1280x720P Wireless Clock Spy Camera was designed to give people peace of mind knowing that when they cannot be home that their valuables are being protected. No one will be the wiser if they enter the room while this device is operating. Its very sensitive motion detection sensors will pick up any movement inside the room and immediately start recording. It comes with a free app that turns your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet into a powerful remote control. It also gives you instant access to the online streaming of the video and audio captured in your home. While it does record in HD, it is limited to 1280x720p playback, so it is not as high quality as other models on the market. It does however have a dual power modes which means it can record up to 4 hours continuously on battery power or 24/7 with the AC power adapter plugged in. Even with a few of its limitations it still would make a decent room security monitor.

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