Toughsty 1920x1080P Wireless Clock Spy Camera

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Jam packed full of cool high tech features

Ease of Use

Setup, recording and monitoring is extremely easy with any smart phone.

Value for Money

Moderately priced, but still represents a good value



Toughsty has strong reputation for its technical support of all its products

We Like

  • Selectable video resolution settings
  • Records to local media or online
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Well concealed video camera

We Don’t Like

  • Audio recording is very weak
  • Bit on the expensive side
  • Large size

Toughsty 1920x1080P Wireless HIdden Clock Spy CameraToughsty™ 1920x1080P HD Portable P2P Wifi Hidden Camera Clock 

At a Glance

These days it is difficult for some people to trust that when they leave their home that nothing will happen. Having a little piece of mind knowing that something is keeping an eye on things is just what they need to be able to comfortably walk out the door. The Toughsty™ 1920x1080P HD Portable P2P Wifi Hidden Camera Clock is designed to provide that level of security. It can simply be placed on a table inside any room and no one would be the wiser. It secretly records everything in the room after the camera is activated. You can watch the streaming video from anywhere you have Internet access. That should be enough to calm most anyone’s nerves

In Detail

Ease of Use

Everything about it is very easy, the setup on your wireless network is simple and once you have the app on your phone and camera connected to the WiFi there is nothing else you have to do. The camera is activated using advanced motion detection technology and the video/audio stream can be accesses through a free app. The app can be loaded on any mobile device running either the Apple iOS or the Google Android OS.Toughsty 1920x1080P Wifi HIdden Clock Spy Camera-7

A bit about the clock functionality

As a clock it functions as expected, large LED display that can easily be seen from slmost anywhere in the room. It features buttons for setting the time as you would expect and it is really easy to operate. The only knock on it from my perspective would be that it is a bit large and if you are putting it on a small table it would take up a bit of it. The darkened plastic front cover disguises the hidden camera quite well and unless you really look close, you won’t see it.

Camera and Recording Feature

The concealed camera is the real show stopper, it features a very wide 140-degree viewing angle which depending on the positioning of the device you will get plenty of coverage. It has an embedded motion detector which silently switches on the camera to record everything that goes on in the room. The video and audio stream can be recorded to a local microSD card (up to 32GB) or to the Internet via WiFi. It records in a number of resolutions from 480p all the way up to full HD 1920 dpi.

Power and Charging

It features a built in rechargeable battery that holds a charge that is capable of continuous recording up to 3 hours in between charges. The mini USB cord (included) will fully charge the battery in as little as 4 hours. It is also capable of recording while the battery is still on charge.Toughsty 1920x1080P Wirelessi HIdden Clock Spy Camera

What’s in the Box?

  • Digital Clock Hidden WiFi HD Camera
  • Mini USB Charging Cord
  • Instruction Manual

What about buyer protection and Warranty?

Toughsty takes its responsibility very seriously and it backs everyone of its products. This unit comes with a full one-year warranty that covers all of the parts and the labor against failure.


I’m so glad I didn’t spend $100+ on a baby monitor with camera because this worked perfectly for what I needed. My baby sleeps in her swing during naps and I love that I can see her anytime. It has a great picture quality and the setup was quite easy even for me who’s not tech savvy at all! The WiFi means that I am able to stream the video to my Apple iPhone and I can see it anywhere in my house. Great product, great price!

Works Perfectly!

I’ve been looking for something simple, cheap and not hard to set up. This fits all my needs. I put a 32GB SD card in this thing. Looks like I’ll get a week or more on it. It is also capable of streaming it’s video and audio feed online using the built in WiFi and the free app that works on both Android and iOS enable mobile devices including; smartphones and tablets. I highly recommend this for someone to keep an eye on the house for a good solid product at a good price.

Fits All My Needs


The Toughsty™ 1920x1080P HD Portable Wifi Hidden Clock Spy Camera is the perfect wireless security system. At first glance it looks like an ordinary digital clock, but it is far from it, concealed behind a darkened plastic face lies the real secret; a powerful HD camera. It records in multiple resolutions from 480p up to 1920 and it can record even while the battery is being charged. It is extremely portable and can be taken anywhere there is reliable WiFi service so that you can protect your valuables against theft. Using the free app that is compatible with iOS and Android OS enabled smartphones and tablets you can control the camera remotely. It is also possible to record and stream the video and audio to your phone or Internet, as well as directly to a microSD card (not included). While we did identify a few deficiencies with the device, it is still a quite capable hidden camera and would be a good option.

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