Zmodo Pivot Wireless Nanny Cam

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Two way audio, 1080p HD camera and up to 32 sensors, the Zmodo Pivot is feature packed

Ease of Use

All you need is a phone app, a WiFi connection and voila, you are connected.

Value for Money

At $149.50, the ZModo Pivot might seem a bit pricey, but it’s features and expansion options make it a great buy


3 year warranty, 30 day money back guarantee and responsive support.

I Like

  • Automatic motion notifications to your phone
  • Up to 32 additional sensors
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Supports both iOS and Android
  • Night Vision recording
  • Two way audio
  • Cloud storage (coming soon)

I Don’t Like

  • Fixed 16GB memory
  • Does not support windows devices
  • Does not have an internal battery
  • Cannot be mounted on a high surface

AT A GLANCEZmodo Pivot Nanny Cam

The Zmodo Pivot is an excellent home monitoring camera and makes for a great nanny cam. It has is versatile and can be used to monitor your kids, pets and the elderly or just as a home monitor to make sure your house is safe. The Zmodo Pivot comes with two motion sensors and a humidity and temperature sensor which means that you can check whether the conditions in your home are right for your kids or pets. The ZModo Pivot can be expanded up to support up to 32 additional sensors around your home to monitor things like door bells, doors, windows and air quality. These sensors can be used to trigger the camera to start recording or just to provide you with information about the environment in the house.


The Zmodo Pivot smart camera has a bunch of useful features that make it a good home monitor and a great option for a nanny cam. The Zmodo app is also a great touch since it lets you control the camera remotely and provides you with all of the information that is being picked up by both the pivot and the sensors, directly to your phone.

Camera Quality

The Pivot’s has a wide angle 1080p High Definition camera with 4× Zoom for a clearer sharper image that looks great on your phone or tablet screen. The wide angle view allows the camera to catch as much detail as possible in a single sweep.

Battery LifeZmodo Pivot Nanny Cam - Device Support

The Pivot does not have an internal battery, so there is no battery life to speak about. It is totally dependent on electricity and has to be plugged in at all times. While this is eliminates the need for regular charging, it poses a problem should your home experience a black out.

Is it easy to use?

The Zmodo Pivot is easy to set up and use. The setting up can be done in minutes. All you need is a Wireless internet connection and a smart phone or tablet. Once you download the app to your mobile device, you create an account, and the Zmodo Smartlink will do the rest.  If you do run into problems, there is a heap of support information available on their website which should have you up and running in no time.

Zmodo Pivot Nanny Cam-features

Mobile Alerts

The Zmodo Pivot sends you intelligent alerts to your mobile device any time movement is detected. It has sensors all around it and can rotate full circle to detect movement. It uses the latest technology to determine which movement is useful and sends alerts to you on your phone of its sweep of the room.

Added Security

Both the Pivot and the phone app communication is heavily protected against intrusion. The guys at Zmodo take the security of your videos very seriously and have employed the latest security protocols to make sure your videos are well taken care of. They employ bank level security on every Pivot to prevent your videos about your home or children from being hacked.


(is that even a word?) The Pivot comes with two smart sensors for the door and window and a humidity and temperature sensor to monitor the conditions of your home. Up to 32 additional sensors can be added to monitor other things around your home such as air quality and the doorbell, and send alerts on your phone. This means that if you are using the ZModo Pivot as a nanny cam, you can place additional sensors in the areas where your children spend most of their time and instantly receive notifications when activity is detected.

Cloud ServiceZmodo Pivot Nanny Cam

The Pivot comes with inbuilt 16 GB storage which can hold up to 2 days’ worth of video. Zmodo also offers cloud storage options with different plans to fit different budgets for those that require extra storage.  I should note, that at the time of writing, the cloud service was noted on ZModo’s website as “coming soon” – so make sure you double check before purchase if this feature is important to you.

Two-way Audio

The Pivot allows you to communicate with people in your home when you are not there by using a two way audio system. It also has Bluetooth speakers that allow you to use the pivot as and audio speaker to play music.

iOS and Android support

The Pivot is usable with both Android and iOS devices.  Unfortunately there does not appear to be any support for Microsoft Windows based devices or computers at this stage.

What’s in the box?Zmodo Pivot Nanny Cam

The Zmodo Pivot Wireless Camera box comes with the following:

  • Zmodo Pivot Camera (Black)
  • A power supply
  • 2 sensors; a window and a door sensor
  • Quick start guide


Feature Video


With a review rating of 4 out of 5 stars (From 101 reviews), the Zmodo Pivot 1080p Wireless Camera has received generally positive reviews. The main talking points were the camera’s sharpness, the ease of setting up and how easy it is to use with the Zmodo app. One customer also noted that they don’t try to get more money out of you by offering you a “full featured” version of the app for a price.

The door sensors provide are great for doors that slide open, but so not seem to work as well for doors that swing on hinges. I mounted one the four sensor on my garage door (leading into the house — not the external door) which swings into the garage. As a result, the sensor parts are perpendicular to each other rather than parallel (relative to the sliding door installation). Unless I mounted the sensor badly, this configuration does not seem to work reliably. Zmodo: I would love to hear your input on if you expect this mounting configuration to work properly. Very simple fix suggested to Zmodo: Have the adhesive strips on two adjacent sides of the smaller part, with some indication which side needs to be facing the other half of the sensor to operate reliably.


I have tried many camera systems and I really like the pivot. The best part is the 360 pan and the internal memory storage unit, this is something that nearly every other camera in its class lacks forcing you to pay monthly for cloud services. Paying for a subscription was something I wanted to avoid at all costs. The video quality is great even at night. The door and window sensors are great and they work in real time and send a push to your phone when the door or window is opened and the pivot rotates to that location to catch everything on film



Overall, the Zmodo Pivot works very well. It has the option to expand its sensory view by offering up additional sensors all the way up to 32. The additional sensors can be purchased in bulk, with a four pack starting at $59.99. It is also looks great in all black, and the fact that they managed to squeeze all that in a camera the size of a soda can is pretty impressive. We only wish it came with the option to expand the memory capacity by adding an SD card. Other than that, it is a decent product for the price.

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